Make it Beautiful

Hello and Happy 2019 Beauties!

It’s been a while since I blogged to you all especially my clients who I used to chat with and fell off the grid. Well my mom has completed her treatment and is now recovering and for that I’m grateful and I thank you for your support.

Since my last blog post “Embrace the Fall”, it was a fall indeed. That splat was painful emotionally, mentally and physically. I thought this would happen in my younger years than now. I even dreaded my birthday coming and purposely refrained from celebrating it. I ended up being of service to others on that day and enjoy a strawberry crunch cake I shared with my bday twin by Deborah of Simply Blessed Cakes.

My cake 😋

As I’m shaking off the residue of 2018, I’m working on my goals. Along with that my focus is on self-care. I plan to do facials and other things. However in addition to the physical that includes eating clean and a detox 🥗🥦🍅🥒, I’m focused on overall to include mental, spiritual and emotional aspects of it. It’s needed for many share and at times overshare 🙄 the fun/living your best life posts, spiritual and positive memes. Yet its important to know others are navigating their way in this life and experience things that create stress, anxiety and challenges. We’re all human. Now I’m all for winning too so if it’s your winning season. Live it up, enjoy and cherish it.


I’m currently doing a few things to aid in my self-care process. One is the art of saying no with love. I always support and try to come to the aid of those I care for. However, it spreads me thin. I now do what I can and prioritize the level of importance without compromising myself. Another is reading. Currently I reading 365 Devotions for Living Joyfullly by Victoria York. I look forward to trying recipes from the cookbook Vegan but with Soul by celebrity chef Darius Williams.

Instagram @dariuscooks

I also stress the importance of mental and emotional self-care. I’m supportive of seeking counseling to release feelings, issues with one who listens without bias. It can be a therapist, pastor or spiritual leader. For some even a life coach is valuable in assisting with addressing and removing challenges that leave one stuck and achieve their goals. One that I follow on Instagram is Sabrina Peterson of Glam University. I attended one of her Girl Power Sleepovers in Atlanta which I had to pleasure to meeting her and many influential women to include bestselling author Zane, media strategist Karen Civil and Mahisha Dellinger creator and CEO of Curls. She offers coaching and tools to aid in women empowerment and success. You can learn more and follow her on Instagram.

Instagram @theglamuniversity

The title of my blog stays true. There are many aspects of beauty and I will continue to highlight things that are for the skin as well as things to support inner beauty. So cheers to a new year and making it beautiful 💋.


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