Spring Cleaning

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Hello beauties,

It’s March. Time when daylight savings time takes place. We get more of that vitamin d. Also time we anxiously await spring. The season that lets us know summer is around the corner. Many do spring cleaning and de- clutter our lives.

We also want to get in shape and in many cases get our skin in order as well. I’ve noticed this is the time many get back to waxing. For the ones coming out of hibernation and have no clue, I wish to prepare you for “spring cleaning”. If you have a minute I want you to look out my previous post, “Respect the Process”. However for some of you with the short tension span thanks to social media and our entertainment devices, I’ll do a quick explanation.

Photo: Clean Eating

First I will hurt, period. Even if you did not shave and let it grow free like the dark Forrest, it will still hurt. Don’t get mad at us when we are removing that strip that may make you sit up as if you about to have a out-of-body experience. It’s hard for us too. I even broke a nail or two trying to get some back to normal.

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It’s not to shame anyone in fact, all got a laugh out of it for it was not taken to heart. I ask that you have understanding that we will get you through it. Finally, stop apologizing and saying it’s a mess down there. What you consider a mess is nowhere near it. Trust me, we know a disaster when we see one and we still get it done. Lastly, I request that you use wipes before getting waxed. Usually there are wipes in rooms or restrooms you can use. Last thing we want to see or smell removing a butt strip is….well some extra stuff. One more thing, please tip your waxer. They work to make you look good for the potential boo, hubby or whoever (even if the who is you).

Well that is it and in the end you will be fine. Happy spring cleaning.


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