While working out…..

Photo: Soul Cycle

Hello beautiful ones,

It’s been a crazy start to 2018. It’s a lot to take on in the roll of a caretaker. Your focus is on the other person and you neglect yourself in the process. I’m so focused on another’s happiness and state of mind that I forget I need to make time for myself to live for it’s easy to fall back and you are simply existing. I became a fluff puff during this time. I look in the mirror and think “WTF?!”. I decided that I need to be at my best in order to be that to someone else. Women tend to do that on a regular basis. Especially with everything that is available yet it becomes a sensory overload and you see women like Kim Kardashian and think things that begin with the letter B and wonder if you can have a fraction of that.

So I an getting back into my routine and attend Spin Classes at Soul Cycle. For some reason, it cleanses my soul and whatever I’m feeling I left it on the bike and floor. Now I know it will be a struggle in the beginning for is been a minute. Now when I work out prior. I notice that the bikes are rough on our kitties. Clients and I discuss all the time how to preserve our best asset during a workout. Here are the two suggestions I shared based on experience.

1. When getting a wax or laser refrain from working out after the service. You will irritate the bikini and have red bumps and it can feel uncomfortable later into the day. You know what I mean the red line at your bikini line and it’s a disaster. Mind you those bumps last for a couple of days. If you were trying to impress your boo with that fresh wax. That may derail it if it looks like your kitty has acne. As I said plenty of times. They don’t care about sexy underwear or bedazzled trimmings. The care about seeing it and the skin is as smooth and pretty as the skin on other parts of your body.

2. Wear underwear. I stress this for I see many clients who have the nasty ingrown that look like pimple issues due to the process of elimination and I notice that many love their Lululemon. Issue with Lululemon is the material of the pants. Although it’s a breathable material, it’s still a lycra material which is similar to lace. Read my blog entry “Oh Those Panties” for more information. You need cotton as a protective layer. Whether it’s a thong or even a boy short ( I use for spin for the thong is rough as well). It’s better than going bare. One of my clients swear by the cotton thongs by gap. One is the breathe thong ($12.50 http://www.gap.com). It has the cotton jersey and it stays in place. I read the reviews and one dislikes that is shows a panty line. Umm, there are just workout clothes. Save that for the going out. Plus if you are going without any, that sweaty smell you acquired is not blocked so if you are sweating down there as you walk by, others can smell you. So much for impressing that guy at the gym with no panty lines and the strong aroma.

Breathe Thong $12.50, gap.com

Well I hope what I shared helps. Make sure you exfoliate your skin. This is the time your skin is rough, flaky and it’s a pain. I have to do scrub downs twice a week and if I slack, it shows. In closing I want to say in recognition of Black History Month, thank you to all the pioneers known and unknown who with their work, bravery and sacrifice, I’m able to achieve, grow and live their dream and pay it forward.


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