You Are Powerful!

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Hello Beautiful Ones,

It was great to see some of you and to others I’m waving hello during this holiday season. Some saw the Dr. Seuss holiday hat I’m wearing up till Christmas Eve. Hope it got many of you in the Spirit. We need it with all we had this year in 2017 alone.

I toiled for a couple of weeks about this final post of 2017. I was trying to do a substitute. However, it brings me back to this topic I’m gong to discuss. With all that is happening in regards to Women speaking out and speaking their truth, I want you all to know that you have a voice and you are powerful.

Each of us was beautifully and wonderfully made. When we are young we have a innocence. For many of us, unfortunately we experience others who take it away by force. Whether it’s by an inappropriate tough or even sexual assault. We felt as though we loose our voice and our power. I know it all too well. I was touched by a male I knew as a child. Later I was assaulted by someone I was dating. The assault was difficult and sometimes I blamed myself or wish I was somewhere else. It took a long time to move forward and be assertive in my truth. I was fortunate to have support when needed and with prayer and forgiveness, I was able to let go.

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I’m proud if the women who are coming forward and sharing their stories. For some it took a long time due to backlash, judgement and fear. It’s hard to be vulnerable when you was violated. You are trying to protect yourself at all costs. I get it. To the voiceless, bruised and broke down ( I refuse to say broken) I want to say you still have your power. Your light still shines bright. I may be a bit dim for they wanted to take it, yet it’s still there. If you need to move on, it’s okay to see help. Whether it’s a friend you can confide in, a relative who understands what you’ve been through. You will be surprised that you are not alone. Even counseling is a option. These days I say go to counseling once in a while to clear your head. Now you can even do it through a app. Plus you will begin to heal. Your voice, mind, body, and spirt is important to you.

Photo: Time

So in closing and in preparation for 2018 shine your light. By shining your light, you in turn help others to shine as well. I wish you a abundance of light, love, happiness and prosperity for 2018. Cheers!



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