Have Expectations!

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Hello beautiful ones (in my Prince voice)!

Hope you all had great Thanksgiving holiday and weekend. As we are nearing the close of 2017, I want you to have certain expectations. Meaning if you pay for a service, you should have a certain expectation that the service is exceptional.

I’ve had many clients come to me and say, I had a bad experience with such and such. The first thing I as is, “Well did you speak to management?”. The answer is usually no. Now I even received complaints from time to time. Some were crazy and I mean crazy (meaning they were crazy themselves and the issues was I was not hopping on that personality trip). Even that considered, I took all feedback and applied it accordingly.

In the field of waxing, it’s a turnover. Either one relocates for leaves it altogether. I always recommend my clients to have A second person they can go to when I’m not available. I emphasize that I won’t wax their kitties forever to my loyal clients and they need back up plans. If you have a waxer who will do this into retirement then you are blessed. As for the rest of you, you must have the expectation from other waxers. If you find that you are not satisfied, let the waxer know or management. How will they perform better if they think they are at they best now? They should be open to learn and perfect their skill set. With your help we will.

Now I expect you to also be realistic if you shaved in between and want miracles. We’re estheticians, not magicians. You want great waxed legs, you need to exfoliate them thoroughly to get all of the dead skin off and in turn, we can get that unwanted hair. View my previous blog entries to get instructions on how to prepare. You can even inbox me to get clarity on any topic and others that are not on here.

Next month is preparation for 2018. I request that you inbox me various questions and I will answer them. No question is silly for it may be important to someone else as well. You can also check out the article on me in Philly Voice. Thank you editor Jenny DeHuff. Now that Thanksgiving is done, I’m sealing my mouth shut. It will be open for sips of wine. It’s fruit so I’m good 😉.



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