Cuffing Season

Hello beauties!

Okay so now it’s cuffing season. For the mature ones who had no clue this exists I will explain. It’s a time in which one seeks companionship for the colder months someone hopes to be in an exclusive relationship thereafter. Others are only for a season and the companionship ends before Valentine’s Day or right after. I know so much for goals of courtship right? It’s Netflix and Chill extended version. Anyway, I stay in my lane and if it works for you then do you.

Let’s say that you begin to wax to get ready for the season. You are unfamiliar with the process and you like it. Unfortunately you no longer date the person so you let yourself go and then you wait until a new one comes around then you come back and realized it was very painful to start over again. My question to you is why start over and why let it go? Especially if you were satisfied with your results. Now if you are only doing it for the approval of your mate….STOP. The heck with that. Keep it trimmed down with scissors. I’m still a advocate to waxing or laser over shaving irregardless of a mate present. However, if that is not your thing then refrain from the pressure. It’s your body and your choice. Your mate is only enjoying the perks. If they love you, they will have to love all of you. Yes we may show the representative of our best self in the beginning, it will always be exposed later down the line. This is one thing you can stand firm on. Also if your make likes hair, stop trying to grow it back. It’s torture for you as well. I hear it all the time when I see some who grew it out and they were over it. Yes we are head over heels with the possibilities of a new love. Make sure you always love the one who will always look back at you in the mirror, yourself!


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