Importance of Moisture

Happy November,

Thank you for visiting my blog and enjoying the topics discussed. My goal is to give insight that I usually give to my clients on a regular basis. Plus I want to give the ones who are curious, yet on the fence to know that you are not alone. We all have been there. It’s life everyday. As the leaves fall and the weather changes for some of us. I know it does not apply to the ones who live in beautiful warm weather all year around. It’s okay, I can’t hate, I love to break out cute boots and a fur vest. Fall is the best 🤗.

As the weather gets cold. It is important to hydrate your skin. It’s highly important when waxing and sugaring. You can even get a hard wax service from a place such as European Wax Center. If your skin is dry and or raw, the wax can adhere to you skin and create a fissure. Your face and your bikini are delicate areas. It’s not intentional but your skin needs to be in excellent condition for they are rated at the top for their wax and how it is great for all skin types.

The basic way to hydrate is Water. It’s the simplest and effective way. I know one has and issue with water intake when you have to take frequent bathroom breaks. I do the pee-pee dance all the time when I’m waiting for my clients to get dressed. I’m trying to run them out and go. It’s beneficial and is also aids in digestion. If you add lemon and mint it’s a bonus fat burner.

Second part is using a moisturizer. One I recommend and I’m so happy it’s back is European Wax Center’s Slow It Lotion. The lotion is aloe based and it’s film- free so it won’t clog your pores. It is also safe to use it on your whole body to include your bikini. For my health conscious and or vegans. You can use moisturizers such as First Aid brand at Sephora and even something simple as shea butter or coconut oil which keeps you protected when the temperature drops below freezing.

One point that is not discussed is disclosing of topical medications. When possible, please read your moisturizer and check for retinol or accutane for those who see a dermatologist for acne. Retinol can be found in many anti- wrinkle creams over the counter. When used it makes your skin more sensitive to waxing. You must REFRAIN from using all creams with retinol 7 days before waxing and 7 days after the service. Failure can lead to your skin lifting and tearing. Those who used accutane must wait at least 6 months or more before waxing. Failure to letting your waxer know creates a liability on our part. Even if you are aware, in any case you are upset with your results or if it creates damage, we are in jeopardy of loosing our license, livelihood and we are our brands as well.

Enjoy the chill and the season. Till next time, remember to keep the skin protected and beautiful.


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