Oh those panties.

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Hello again,

This topic is long overdue. Many of my loyal clients will laugh for they had the reprimand session during a visit. I hear it all the time that they are comfortable under workout clothes and other clothes. Plus they are sexy. Some have killer abs, killer smile and some may even believe with this panties on, they have an killer kitty. Well you are partially correct yet the lace in those panties are killing your kitty too.

Here is the issue with the exposed lace part of your panty. The lace scratches your skin. When you are rubbing a foreign object directly against your skin, your skin will do its best to defend itself. If it’s a cut or open abscess it will create a scab. It uses that method to protect the damage surface with hard skin while it repairs the skin underneath. This is why it is important to refrain from picking scabs to avoid infection or scarring. If you have hair on your bikini then you have a barrier. The Bush Brazilian babes are covered. Now if you have a landing strip or bare, your skin is exposed. The friction from the lace is subtle and take time for the effect to take place. Similar to my obsession with Trader Joe’s potstickers and I kept eating them and the results along with pumpkin butter on toast created the midsection and what people now name “fupa”. Had to put them down. I do the avoidance trick now. It’s hard too for once I get them it’s an addiction especially since it’s chilly and I’m curled up with a great movie or reality tv. Back to the topic.

The problem is that when it irritates the skin surface, it will form a hard skin layer. Your hair is thin and tries to grow through the shaft and meets that hard layer of skin and not able to grow out the follicle. It creates the ingrown hair. What is worse is that the ingrown hair bump will eventually burst and the abscess scars up. Then you still have the prior issue and it’s a vicious cycle repeatedly. For those who are wondering if I’m telling the truth, get and mirror and take a look at your girl. When you view the lips and a bit above, it is smooth skin. That is the cotton barrier in the panty. Then view the top where the lace line is across. If you have bumps and, excessive ingrowns and dark marks from scarring, my dear it’s from wearing those panties.

Now I’m not crushing your spirit fully and telling you that you need to get rid of them. I love my hanky panky thongs. I recommend limiting your use of them to special occasions such as dinner, clubbing, or just wearing them to be sexy for your lover and taking them right off. It will take time to reverse the skin damage. However, with work and disciple, it can be achieved. You will need to use an ingrown hair serum. EWC’s serum $27.50 does wonders. You can find it at a European Wax Center ( waxcenter.com) Note: I know they sell it cheaper on Amazon but the shelf life is limited and the ones on there are old. They lack their potency and your results will be minimal.


You will need to exfoliate twice a week. Make sure if you are wearing the gloves or using a loofah you are sanitizing them regularly along with cleansing products you use are safe for your V. I’m a fan of The Honey Pot Company’s vaginal wash $9.99 and wipes $9.99. I found them in Whole Foods and I met owner and creator Beatrice Dixon at an event. You can get the products online or even at Target (thehoneypot.co).

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Just as your legs need a moisturizer, your V does too. I met countless women who do not put anything on down there. You need moisture. I use what is easy and what I eat regularly. Basic coconut oil. You can create a ingrown hair treatment out of it too for the naturalists who want to do DIY recipes. Finish off with the basic 3 step process. Cotton (yes cotton you can find cute thongs too) underwear during the day. None at night going to bed. Lastly save the lace and strappies for the night time as stated above for the special night or weekend.

So now you are armed with more knowledge. In the meantime I’m waiting for a lingerie designer who can place a cotton lining under the whole lace thong without compromising the design. That designer will change the game.


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