For the Brides.

Happy October!

I know it’s been a while and I’ve been on bridesmaid duty in ATL at the end of September eating Caesar salads where there is only chicken around which I don’t eat and then break my diet for seafood and not much at the wedding. Not to mention, the suffering from allergy season and trying not to look doped up on the big day. So I’m back and just when I think the weather breaks, I’m suffering again with heat and leaves falling down creating an nasal cocktail that has me looking like Rudolph the Reindeer prior to the holiday season itself. I guess I can fit in since lights are already out for sale 🙄.

This post is for the bride-to-be. I wish to get you prepared for 2018. Late October and November you may be able to do this as well. It’s critical based on time and what you have done up to this point. Reason is I recommend my brides 6 weeks for 2 waxing sessions within a 3 week period of each prior to the week of their special day if you never waxed in certain areas. Before my cousin walked down the isle, I gave her a list of face and body areas I recommend for waxing. Let’s go through the list.


Face (eyebrows, lip, chin and if needed sideburns and nose: Recommended highly for many reasons. First is makeup. You will want a smooth and finished look. Hairs will show more with highlighted foundation. In the age of high definition (HD) cameras, you will see everything unless you have a great photographer who possess excellent skills in photoshop. This is key for my Muslim brides for your focus is your face.


Keep in mind you have the one woman. You may know her and then again you may not. She knows you. You're the chosen one. Unlike her, you married the one who got away from her. She is zooming in her phone to check for any flaws you have to make her feel better. That also includes the questionable associate and jealous fake friend 😒.


Arms and underarms: The camera pick up everything. The details such as holding the bouquet and showing the rings on your hands are lovely. With social media and their trolls always using their passive-aggressive tactics on the web because they know they can’t be touched in real life and loose that fight. If you can see hair on your fingers in the light, so can they. The last thing you want is a “hater” talking about you and your husband’s hands are the same.


Also shaving the the underarms or “arm pits” leaves a shadow. The photographer and the phone photographers capture every moment and in the wrong light can be the wrong moment on the gram.


Lower leg or full leg and bikini: If you incorporate the tradition of the groom getting the garter, then I recommend waxing the full leg if you shave it or at least the lower leg. As stated prior the photos will be out there. Plus if he is reaching with his face to grab it by his teeth, give him the gift of smooth skin. He will appreciate it. The bikini is for the honeymoon. I know the last thing you want to do on the honeymoon is shave. If you are nervous, just do the bikini line. It’s fast and easy and you will look great in the swim suits you picked out with the new initials or last name.


This list can also be applied to your bridesmaids with facial and underarms. It depends on the style of dress for they will be in numerous photos with you. They represent you on that day and you would want them to look their best. You are now armed with your prep kit and heading to the alter fierce and flawless. In closing, shout out to my bride getting married this weekend and my cousin as she is married. As a request I did her makeup, she and my Aunt drove me crazy. However, from what I viewed on Facebook, they were happy. Note to friends: I’m back in mua retirement. 😶

Facebook: Atwell


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