Respect the process.

Happy Fall,

Now is the time for jeans, sweaters and pumpkin lattes. Some like myself are experiencing Indian summer. It is still hot so fall clothes are delayed. You can still get the latte but it may be a iced one. This topic is strictly for newborns of waxing. I treat waxing like a journey of life. You have your infant stage, toddler and childhood stage etc. up into adulthood. I see the following happen so often that mostly I laugh while offering wisdom to my clients. I do this so they won’t feel bad. Just like anything else there are lessons to learn. Even thought I try to save some from making the mistakes, experience is the best teacher. When they come back. I don’t say “I told you so”. Instead I chuckle and imply that is just a lesson learned and move on. Let’s get to it. I break it down into groups.

Hair growth predictors: You assume that your hair is too short to be waxed after getting it done. You expect your hair to be thick or at least full as it was when you shaved. You act against the suggestion your waxer gave you of getting waxed every 4 weeks. You wait 6 or more and then you come back. It still feels bad and you thought it would be easier than it was before and you are thinking this is not for you. I even have one who thought her hair was not long enough and thought she had to in her words “take it like a g”. Btw: shout out to you she knows I’m posting this topic. This process is not meant to be viewed as a painful process every time. Yes you will feel discomfort but if you come every 4 weeks, it gets easier. Your hair should be sparse. The goal is to rupture hair follicles so they will no longer grow. Many years down the line you will only have to wax months at a time for 10 to 20 hair follicles. As for the g client, she followed my advice and now she understands that it should not have to be a unbearable experience.

Cut around the corners crew: The above brings me to this second point. You initially were waxed for a vacay (hip term for vacation). You like the results. You may have continued the process for 2 more months. It’s getting cold out or you figure since you don’t have a regular suitor, you can let it go. You may have pushed your appointment back many times and then you have a potential hook up. You decided to shave for that night, and then it happens. Your begin to itch as the hair grows in. You noticed it’s thick and you may have ingrown hair bumps. Then you want to go back to waxing because you like the results. You come in and during the service it feels as if you are in there for the very first time again. This includes the ones who had it a year ago and then let it grow to bush status and then I’m also in the role of a landscaper. Note: you come to me with a bush. I’m pulling hard and fast. No cutting it down. My scissors are made for brows only.

Look ladies, this is just like a diet, you can’t cut corners around this thing. I know that struggle all too well when I look at desserts and cocktails around the city. It will get you every time. It’s a process and a commitment. Now don’t get me wrong, if you can handle the pain and go back and forth with it, I will still wax you. However, don’t get mad when you still have hairs left and ingrown hairs because you are confusing your girl down there with hair growth issues. It’s best to come in and commit to the journey. The benefits outweigh the process.

The holy grail seekers: my most intriguing group of clients. You don’t want to see hair at all you love the fact that your hair is gone. You want to maintain the look. Your waxer recommend every 3 to 4 weeks.

You want to come every 2 weeks. You are starting out and are frustrated that all the hairs don’t come out all at once and then want to come back for a touch up. Listen your expectations are high, I like that. You need to be understanding of the fact that you are on a journey. It will take time for your hair to grow in a uniform cycle. I know a client I serviced she came every two weeks because she wants it gone. Unfortunately it was too short for me to get and she was disappointed. I told her it will take time. There is no such thing as instant gratification. Even instant oatmeal takes at least 3 minutes. Therefore come to me every 3 weeks and soon you will see the results you desire.

In the grand schemes of things, we all have our lessons. Take time and enjoy your journey. It is worth it.


3 thoughts on “Respect the process.

  1. I so see myself in your writing! My first and only wax was a full Brazilian. Who does that? Crawl before you walk is an understatement. Celeste, although the processes are different, how long does it take to see less hair or possible no hair, as compared to electrolysis. I know everyone is different.
    Thank you for sharing your information 😊

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    1. Thank you for visiting my blog Tracey! The process varies by way of thickness of the hair. Generally if successful, the laser results are faster. You can get your desired results with waxing too. The growth rate is slow for me. It took at least 4 years. Yet for another person who I know started during menopause and she gets waxed once every few months. Results are on an individual basis. Once again I appreciate your input and keep up the great work.


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