Welcome back. This week I will touch on a subject that removes hair. I promised many of my clients I would discuss the option of laser hair removal treatments.

Laser hair removal is a technical process that uses light and heat to damage the hair pigment and dramatically reduce and ultimately eliminate hair growth in a particular area. Most common areas are face and body areas such as back, arms, legs and bikini areas.

Many men and women get the service out of necessity, especially many who have unwanted facial hair. Women who suffer from a condition called Hirsutism. Hirsutism is a condition which women inherit their father’s dominant gene, causing unwanted facial hair on the face and even excessive back hair. Others do it out of convenience. The goal for many is to reduce the growth of hair in which they will only have to perform maintenance removal techniques to every few months. Example of that is a client who has laser and her hair is sparse and growth is slow that she comes to get waxed every 4 to six months compared to once a month. It is possible to achieved those results with waxing. However, it can take years to get to that result in which laser reduces that time.

Years ago, laser was suitable for a small demographic of candidates. As technology advances, laser hair removal is available to candidates of various hair types and complexions. If you are curious about laser is an ideal option, I recommend doing a detailed search. It is very important to research more than one laser clinic. Ask many questions such as what lasers they use, years of experience and if they have lifetime guarantees. The last part is important to women who wish to have children. Although you had laser procedures done, your hair grows back and in unexpected areas. You may have to wax during the time of pregnancy. If you have the guarantee you can resume the laser removal sessions without incurring additional costs.

Many asked have I tried it. Answer is no. Due to waxing, it takes a long time for my hair to grow. If it was different, I may have tried it with my underarms. I recommend it to my clients who have coarse hair that grows at a rapid rate. Waxing is good yet the hair is in numerous growth cycles and ingrown hairs are excessive. In the end whatever you decide. Be confident that you are getting your return on investment……You.


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