First time part 2.

Hello again.

I want to thank you all for checking out my blog. I appreciate all the love. Well some wondered how was my first time. Some of my first time guest were shocked that I can wax myself and I have for a while. As I said before I won’t do it advise on a topic that I have yet to experience or do myself. I will share with you the beginning of my journey.

Some time ago I decided to go to a spa to get my Brazilian. Prior to that. I was doing bikini lines at school. I built a tolerance for it and wanted to do more. I also wanted to know about it prior to performing the service myself in the future based on where I will work. I was excited for the person who was gong to perform the service graduated from the same esthetics program. Well I disrobed and was getting ready. I was not nervous for I thought I was in good hands like Allstate.

Well as we were further along in the process, it was a roller coaster ride. Part of the hot wax was too cool and clumped up before she could get the strip on and then the wax was too hot. I began to bleed a bit from my skin tearing. Some hair was still there and I learned I was her first or second person she ever did the service for. She was so nervous I had to encourage her to get in there and pull. I gave her feedback for her to better her skill. I did not make another appointment after that. I decided from that point if anyone was gong to jack me up, it would be me. I had the license and training to do so. That decision perfected my craft in the area of waxing. I discovered tricks that were the best in removing stubborn hairs. I still get waxed from time to time. However, it was hard to find someone I like. I know what to expect and my expectations are high. Some waxers in the city are great. Some are good yet surprising. I will always remember my Russian waxer Emma. She moved so fast with big strips, I had to check to see if my girl was still in tact.

In the end, we all had out first time. More will soon after. It’s your journey. It can be great or terrible. If you had your first time and it was awful, it does not mean the next one will be worse. In essence, I hope you are having fun and enjoying your wax journey. In closing I want all in the Gulf affected by Harvey and those affected in the the Carribean/ Atlantic and preparing for Irma then Jose, you are in my thoughts and prayers.


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