The First Time….

Hello Again,

So hopefully you took time to know about about yourself and are one with your girl. As the summer season begins to fade and fall is on the horizon, its gets a little chilly outside and many of you embark on the journey of the road to “cuffing season”. Others are already cuffed, wifed up, etc. yet still work to keep the bed warm.

This time maybe you want to try waxing yet you heard of the horror stories. Or thinking it’s like the scene from the movie, “40 Year Old Virgin”. Waxing has evolved from a honey wax or strip wax. You have hard wax and some use the sugar technique for hair removal. We will get into laser next week.

Photo: 40 Year Old Virgin

For those who never waxed before or getting back into it from a long hiatus, I wish to give you tips on what to expect. Depending on what you receive. First thing is first. If you shave, please refrain from shaving for at least 2 weeks. Your hair needs to be the length of a grain of rice. Try not to grow it out past 4 weeks. It will be a higher level of discomfort for you. Be careful of cutting it down if it is too long for you may cut it too short and then it is not long enough to be removed. My first timers know that if it’s too long, I won’t cut it. I just move faster to get them through the process. I say, “Grab the table. Help me help you and if you help me, I will get you through it”. You will have to disrobe from the waist down. It is not a spa experience and you can’t be shy. Nervous yes, shy no. It’s best to keep your legs in a butterfly position with feet together. Some of my thickums, you may part your feet a bit but you can get it done too and you should receive the best results. You can take a Advil if you wish before the service begins. I recommend to avoid drinking. Just like a tattoo needle punchers your skin, you are pulling hair out through your skin. It my cause spotting but you will bleed more. Spotting is normal for your hair follicles are rupturing. It’s a good thing for you are killing the follicle and that keeps the hair from growing back.

Some go for all off or bikini line. Some like a landing strip or hair still on the lips and remove everything around that. It’s what you prefer. There is even a Bush Brazilian when the hair is bushy at the top and hair is just removed at the lips and the butt strip. This technique keeps the hair for those who like hair and pheromones yet feels clean and allow clitoral stimulation. You do not have to do the gusto on the first try. You can do a bikini line and then get used to that. Then proceed to removing more until you are comfortable to do a full nude Brazilian. When getting serviced pay attention to your surroundings, is the area neat? Does the person performing the service knowledgeable and attentive? Also they have to be waxed. How can they tell you anything about something that they have yet to do themselves? When I trained upcoming experts, I let them know upfront that I’m waxing their bikinis. They must identify with what you are about to experience. Now I’m not the bubbly personality yet I am knowledgeable of what I do and attend to your needs and pay attention to the sticks. If the person use the same stick to get back in that wax, RUN! Number one rule is NO DOUBLE DIPPING. We can hope for the best that every client has the clean bill of health but I’m not sure what you have, who you’re sleeping with. I sanitize everything and I have to take your health and mine seriously. It’s about being respectful and showing that I care. If you are on your period, you must wear a tampon, even if you have a IUD. If you are spotting, you must wear a tampon. Blood is blood and one has to be careful and use preventive measures to protect all.

At this moment you may feel overwhelmed a little yet I want you to be aware of what to expect. Now there are perks to this experience. You feel clean. You will want to look at it often and the oral gifts are amazing 😉. Be prepared when you go to the bathroom you may splatter a bit for there is no hair in the way. It’s normal and it will subside. For some you may get bumps in some areas that look like pimples. If so do not touch them. You skin just had a reaction to the follicle removal. It will subside in a few days. All of your hairs may not come out at once for your hair is not on one cycle at first. It may take 3 to 4 sessions to get the result you want. It’s no instant gratification, even instant oatmeal takes 3 minutes. Over all the results outweigh the process. Ingrown hairs do take place during the waxing period. One product is recommend is European Wax Center’s Ingrown Hair Serum. You use just one pump, once a day. You will get long-term use and it will make a difference.

I recommend to exfoliate twice a week some use a natural scrub with olive or coconut oil with rock salt or sugar. What ever you do, keep the extra perfume soaps, lotions away from it. It can irritate your skin. I like bath and body works sanitizers, candles, flower walls and hand lotions but the buck stops there. This area is just as sensitive as your face and you have to use a different face cleanser and lotion than your body right? Same rule applies. I will leave you with this:

It’s your gold mine, know what you’re sitting on.

Celeste K.

Well I hope I gave you some insight on this feel free to message me if you have additional questions and I respect privacy and confidentiality. Comments are accepted and appreciated. Till next time, enjoy your upcoming Labor Day Weekend!


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