Reintroduce Yourself

Happy Wednesday!

Okay you are wondering what is with mirrors in instagram. Well since this is a Different Kind of Beauty. Let’s get to know beauty in other places.

As Women, many of us are modest when it comes to “down there”. Some of our elders were very shy and referred to our V’s as just a part to use for our wifely duties. It’s similar to the scene in Fried Green Tomatoes during the women’s strength class and lead character, Evelyn, was encouraged to know her strength. Well they were instructed to have a mirror and look at their Vaginas. Evelyn was not prepared to do such a task. She was very uncomfortable and left. Later in the movie Evelyn got the courage and she realized her strength in new ways.

Photo: Fired Green Tomatoes, 1991

So before I can go into the beauty of it all, I have one request. That’s right, get that mirror and re-introduce yourself to your one true best friend that was with you from birth and will go with you to the grave. Wine does wonders. See I LOVE my best friend. She even has a name. She is your best ally and she is powerful. Hell wars were started and lives lost over some of the gold mines females were sitting on over the centuries. Money is raining in the strip club over the opportunity to see it or get a whiff. Btw: I’m am looking to learn some moves for you ladies are some true MVPs.

All jokes aside, know you are beautiful and even though you may not have been valued, and in some cases one may have took some of that power from you through rape and abuse. You’re not alone. I’ve been there too. It took time for me to get it back and realize how beautiful it is. So take your time with it. Get to know you. The color, shape. Heck that is how I found out I was going gray 😱. The things Mom won’t tell you about. She just laughs when you tell her and say, “Well what? You think it will only happen on your head?” 🙄.

Know I will not request you to do anything that I did not do myself. I always do a check here and there. I want to make sure she is okay. My girl is the bomb, truth, fabulous, powerful and what I can see Issa Rae saying, “Pretty AF”. Remember its all about learning and having fun and discovering beautiful on another level. Till next time know you are powerful and beautiful.


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