Thank you for taking time to stop by and visit. First this first (old saying) I’m Celeste K. I’m a licensed Esthetician. I’ve been in the beauty industry for 12 years now. I started as a freelance makeup artist and made drastic career change from IT. I began doing weddings. Later I gained experience in theater, editorial and runway. I was blessed with numerous opportunities to perfect my craft with working during New York Fashion Week, celebrity performances and expand my creativity with special effects for short film.

With extensive experience, I felt it was important to have knowledge of skin care in combination with makeup. I completed my training in esthetics at Jean Madeline Aveda Institute. It opened a door to other aspects in regards to beauty. From there I gained experience with various parts of my field including skincare and later waxing.

I never planned to get into the waxing part of the beauty industry. Let’s be honest, who can really just stare down who-haas all day in addition to other parts of the body and remove hair? From a personal standpoint, I love when my body is waxed. My skin is smooth, hairs are fine to non-existent in certain areas and I feel clean compared to when I use a razor. The razor was like a bad lover that you tried to work with but it’s more of a burden that anything else. You know what I’m talking about, the one that have you stressed out questioning yourself and looking crazy and in the end they make it all your fault for you chose to deal with them. Once you dropped that joker, over time you realized how better off you are and they are in the past, not in the rear view mirror, off the cliff of the road in the mirror so you don’t even see them. That is the razor to me. Now if it works for you, no judgement. As the saying goes, if you like it, I love it. It’s hard being in my lane so I can’t judge, nor get into yours.

From working, I noticed many of my regulars and others I serviced know little about waxing and the best practices to maximize their happy places. Some said, “If I know more, I would do more”. They stayed on me about doing this blog. I give my credit to them for it is they who encouraged me to move forward and share my knowledge and in turn I’m always open to learn from you. It’s an exchange as well for we are all students of this thing called life and school is always in session. Let’s have fun, laugh and learn. Welcome to a different kind of beauty.


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